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Bariatric Revision

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Have you experienced weight gain after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve? In the last several years as a non surgical bariatric physician, I’ve been able to help hundreds of patients achieve their weight loss goals using innovative tools such as the Orbera weight loss balloon, the Obalon balloon, and Aspire Assist.

There has always been a sub population of patients that I had no options for and it always broke my heart that I simply couldn’t do more for these patients. These are the patients that had gastric bypass and gastric sleeve who had regained weight or their weight loss progress had halted. These patients are not candidates for the aforementioned procedures but recently I am now able to help these patients.

In partnership with Apollo endosurgery, I now offer a specialized procedure created specifically for the post gastric surgery patient who has regained weight or stalled. This is called bariatric revision.

Bariatric Revision Q & A


About Bariatric Revision / TORE

Bariatric revision, also known as transoral gastric outlet reduction, is a non-surgical procedure specifically designed to improve quality of life for patients who have regained weight after a gastric bypass procedure.

Why do patients regain weight after by pass and gastricsleeve?

During Gastric bypass, a surgeon creates a communication between the stomach and the jejunum called a gastrojejunal anastomosis or outlet. However, over time, the hole, or “outlet”) becomes larger, which makes it difficult for a patient to feel “full” while eating. Because patients do not feel full, they continue to eat past the point where they should, which contributes to weight gain after the surgery.

If you are a post bypass patient that is now struggling with weight gain, we finally have a great non surgical option to help you regain control and accelerate your weight loss. There is no downtime time after bariatric revision and patients can return to their normal activities by the next day.

Advantages of Bariatric Revision:

Doctors may recommend the procedure to some patients because it offers certain benefits, including:

  • Less invasive and no incisions
  • Quicker procedure compared to traditional surgery
  • Outpatient procedure – in and out of the Endoscopy center the same day
  • Lower risk of complications during or after the procedure
  • Same rate of weight loss as your original bariatric procedure

Is the OverStitch procedure right for me?

Not everyone is a candidate for the OverStitch procedure. This is because weight gain may not be a result of an enlarged opening into the stomach. Talk with your doctor to see if Overstitch surgery is right for you.

Post Bariatric Revision and ESG INSURANCE $1,995 must be purchased at the time of the first procedure to be valid:

What’s covered:

  • Post-Op Hydration at either of our facilities
  • BLIS coverage for care outside of our facilities such as urgent care, ER visits
  • Unlimited One-on-one Nutrition Counseling Sessions
  • 12 months Complication Coverage, Including Re-suturing*
  • Unlimited visits with Dr Ibegbu for 1 year including weight loss pharmacotherapy