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Benefits of Non-surgical Weight Loss

Benefits of Nonsurgical Weight Loss

Nonsurgical weight loss refers to many different procedures designed to help you lose weight without surgery. Nonsurgical weight loss procedures are suitable if you don't qualify for weight loss surgery or you don’t want surgery.

In this blog, Eric Ibegbu, MD, highlights the various nonsurgical weight loss options available at Atlantic Medical Group and seven reasons you might consider one.

Exploring nonsurgical weight loss options

Depending on your needs, we may suggest any of the following nonsurgical options: 

All of these options work best when paired with healthy lifestyle modifications, such as portion control. 

Benefits of nonsurgical weight loss

Regardless of which procedure you choose, you can expect these benefits:

Zero incisions required 

One of the most alluring aspects of nonsurgical procedures is that they don’t require any incisions. The lack of incisions provides many benefits in and of itself: reduced post-procedure infection, reduced pain, and faster recovery.

No need to remove any part of your stomach

Certain surgical procedures, such as the vertical sleeve gastroplasty, help you feel full by removing part of your stomach. Once your stomach is much smaller, you feel full quicker. 

Nonsurgical weight loss procedures accomplish the same goal 一 helping you feel full 一 without removing any portion of your stomach. 

For instance, both Obalon and ORBERA use balloons to make your stomach feel smaller. Although the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty uses sutures to make your stomach smaller, there’s still no need for cutting, incisions, or removal of any part of your stomach. 

Might not need anesthesia 

Some procedures, such as Obalon, don’t require anesthesia. For this procedure, you swallow a special capsule, which places the balloon right where it needs to be. 

But not all nonsurgical weight loss procedures are anesthesia-free. Dr. Ibegbu uses anesthesia to keep you comfortable during endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Proven effectiveness

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits is that nonsurgical weight loss procedures are proven effective. Here at Atlantic Medical Group, our team only offers weight loss solutions that are proven safe and effective.

This can be a breath of fresh air if you’ve struggled to reach your goals with diet and exercise alone. The Obalon balloon system, for instance, can help you lose up to 20% of your body weight during your first year after the procedure.

Quick and convenient

It can take weeks to recover from weight loss surgery, or any surgery for that matter. But that’s not the case with nonsurgical weight loss procedures. 

Are you thinking about the Obalon procedure? It takes less than 10 minutes to place the balloon, which is considerably more convenient than a full surgery.

Long-term weight loss

Because all of these nonsurgical weight loss procedures help you adopt healthier portion sizes, they can set you up for long-term success. 

Boost for your mental wellness

Dieting and exercising 一 without success 一 can be beyond frustrating. You might even feel like giving up your own health goals. Nonsurgical weight loss procedures can boost your self-confidence and even support your mental wellness when you reach your goals. 

Going through this journey gives you an opportunity to learn other habits that support your mental wellness. This includes eating well-balanced meals, practicing self-care, and exercising regularly.

Are you ready to get started?

If you aren’t sure which nonsurgical weight loss procedure is right for you, don’t make the decision alone. When you arrive for a weight loss consultation, Dr. Ibegbu asks questions about your weight loss goals, reviews your overall health history, and discusses your preferences. 

To find out which procedure is right for you, call our Kinston or Jacksonville, North Carolina, office today or use our online tool to request an appointment.

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