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Is Orbera Safe for Me?

Is Orbera Safe for Me?

When it comes to weight loss, there’s no shortage of strategies, diets, and procedures to help you reach your goals. Yet one of the most important criteria when choosing any weight loss solution is whether it’s safe. 

Gastroenterologist Eric Ibegbu, MD, and our team here at Atlantic Medical Group understand the importance of losing weight safely, and that’s why we only offer evidence-based, FDA-approved weight loss solutions in our Kinston and Jacksonville, North Carolina, offices.

Below, we discuss the safety aspects of Orbera®, one of the nonsurgical weight loss procedures that can help you reach your goals. 

Is Orbera safe for me?

Worldwide, doctors have placed over 400,000 Orbera balloons, and after 20 years of experience, there’s a lot of data to review. As a nonsurgical balloon system, Orbera helps you lose 3.1 times as much weight compared to diet and exercise alone.

At Atlantic Medical Group, we insert the balloon through your mouth, so there are no incisions. Because the balloon takes up space in your stomach, you feel fuller and eat less δΈ€ both of which help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Let’s take a look at how this process is safe for you.

No surgical risks

Not only is Orbera clinically demonstrated to be effective, but it’s also a safe option, according to the Orbera US FDA Pivotal Study. 

Because it’s nonsurgical, there’s no need to worry about risks associated with incisions, sutures, or any removal of any part of your body. Additionally, the balloon system is 100% reversible, meaning we can remove it at any time. 

No need to worry about medication side effects

Some weight loss medication can cause side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, low blood pressure, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Not everyone experiences these side effects from medication, but for those that do, it can make your weight loss journey uncomfortable at best. 

Orbera doesn’t require any medications, so you don’t have to worry about those potential side effects.

No need to worry about your nutritional intake

While the Orbera balloon may take up space in your stomach, you won’t have to miss out on key nutrients. Orbera pairs well with Xyngular, our highest quality nutritional supplements, to support your body’s nutritional needs. 

Weight loss on a safe cadence

Losing weight too quickly isn’t good for your body, and the Orbera system takes this into account. Your weight loss journey is broken down into a year-long program. 

When Dr. Ibegbu inserts the balloon initially, he inflates it with sterile saline until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. The balloon remains in place for about six months. During this phase, you focus on eating healthy foods, identifying correct portion sizes, and learning to listen to your body’s satiety cues. 

After about six months, Dr. Ibegbu removes the balloon in a quick 20-minute process. Again, you don’t need incisions or sutures. During the final six months of your program, you enter the maintenance phase, when you continue to follow your personalized diet and exercise routine. 

Weight loss that leads to healthy, sustainable habits

One of the biggest benefits of Orbera is that it helps you adopt safe strategies for keeping the weight off, namely, learning to modify your portion sizes, focusing on nutrient-dense foods, and learning to listen to your body’s natural cues to avoid overeating.

If you have any questions about Orbera, use this online form to request a weight loss consultation. You can also call the location of your choice and find out if Orbera is right for you. Our offices are in Kinston and Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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