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Orbera: How To Lose Weight Without Surgery

Orbera: How To Lose Weight Without Surgery

Many weight loss journeys may be inspired by aesthetic goals, but the reality is that losing weight can improve your health, boost your energy, and help you reduce your risk of obesity-related complications. 

Losing 5-10% of your total bodyweight can have a profound and positive impact on your overall physical and mental wellness. 

While 49.1%  of all Americans try to lose weight each year, many find that dieting and exercising alone doesn’t always produce the results they wanted. The good news is that weight loss surgery isn’t the only other option. 

Gastroenterologist Eric Ibegbu, MD, and our team here at Atlantic Medical Group in Kinston and Jacksonville, North Carolina, want you to know that if you’re struggling to lose weight, non-surgical weight loss procedures can help you reach your goals. 

Below, we highlight one particular non-surgical weight loss procedure: Orbera®.

Learn more about Orbera

Orbera is a non-permanent, intragastric balloon-based weight loss system. The Orbera system is a year-long program that’s broken down into four phases:

Balloon placement 

We insert the silicone gastric balloon into your stomach in a quick procedure that doesn’t require any incisions. Once it’s in place, Dr. Ibegbu inflates the Orbera balloon with sterile saline until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. 

First six months

Once your balloon is placed, it takes up space in your stomach and limits the amount of food you consume during your meals. This phase is all about learning to adjust your portion sizes, eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods, and learning to listen to your body’s satiety cues. 

Depending on your starting weight and your goals, it’s possible to lose 20-50 pounds during this phase. It’s important to work closely with Dr. Ibegbu and follow all dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

Balloon removal

After six months, it’s time to remove the Orbera balloon. In a quick 20-minute process, we remove the balloon without any incisions or sutures.

Maintenance phase

Your weight loss program doesn’t end once the balloon is gone. During the next six months of your program, you continue following your personalized diet and exercise routine. 

Because Dr. Ibegbu and our team want you to lose weight without sacrificing nutrients, we've partnered with Xyngular to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements. Made in the United States, these supplements support you throughout your weight loss journey. 

The Orbera balloon helps you learn how to modify your portion sizes, and the Xyngular supplements continue to promote wellness by boosting your energy, improving your nutrition, controlling your appetite, and promoting gut health.

Benefits of the Orbera weight loss system

The Orbera balloon system is clinically demonstrated to be both safe and effective. According to the Orbera® US FDA Pivotal Study, the Orbera balloon can help you lose up to three times as much weight when compared to diet and exercise alone. 

You might also consider Orbera because it’s:

When you arrive for your Orbera consultation, Dr. Ibegbu reviews your weight loss goals. 

To learn more about Orbera and find out if it’s right for you, request a consultation via our online tool. You can also call the location of your choice and get started on your non-surgical weight loss journey today.

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