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See Your Doctor From the Comfort of Your Home

Whether you’re dealing with dietary triggers of acid reflux or want to review your lab work, you might wonder if a virtual appointment is possible. 

Gastroenterologist Eric Ibegbu, MD, and our experienced team at Atlantic Medical Group are happy to see patients in our Kinston and Jacksonville, North Carolina, offices as well as remotely.

Below, we’ve answered some common questions about telehealth and gastroenterology. 

Health care from the comfort of your home

Although telehealth has been around for years, the pandemic catapulted telehealth into the limelight, and patients are happy with it.

According to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, as many as 94-99% of patients are very satisfied with the capabilities and convenience of virtual doctor’s appointments.

Benefits of telehealth for gastroenterology patients include:

Because of the flexibility of scheduling telehealth appointments, there’s a greater chance that you might not even need to take time off of work.

Is telehealth secure?

Yes! When you meet virtually with Dr. Ibegbu, you can rest easy knowing that any patient information exchanged is safe and protected. We adhere to the HIPAA guidelines on telemedicine, ensuring that your personal information is always protected.

Common telemedicine services provided by gastroenterologists

Telemedicine has become increasingly available since the start of the pandemic. Since then, it has been implemented in nearly every specialty including mental health, primary care, pediatrics, and gastroenterology. 

Below are a few examples of common gastroenterology services conducted via telehealth: 

Medication management 

Many GI diseases, such as Crohn's disease, may require medication. During a telehealth visit, Dr. Ibegbu can discuss any side effects of your medications and help you manage your flares. 

Nutritional counseling

Dietary counseling is another service that we can perform via telehealth. We can maintain ongoing check-ins, answer your questions, and help address any dietary concerns.

Review lab results

You don’t necessarily need to drive all the way to one of our offices to review lab results. You can  receive a personal visit with Dr. Ibegbu and review your lab results over our secure video visits. 

Is telehealth right for everyone?

Telehealth allows you to meet with Dr. Ibegbu from the comfort of your home, and you don’t need new software to do so. All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone or computer. 

Even so, we can’t provide certain services via telehealth, such as lab work, procedures, and surgeries. If you’re unsure whether your appointment can be conducted remotely, simply give us a call, and we can help you explore your options. 

Visit our website to schedule your virtual appointment.

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