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The importance of a Colon Cancer Screening

Are you 50 or older? Have a family history of colon cancer?? African-American 45 and older? If yes to any of these questions, have you had a routine colonoscopy?? Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the US. A routine colon cancer screening means finding any potential problems early on which means eaiser to treat! A Colonoscopy is an examination of the large bowel and distal part of the small bowel through a tiny camera passes through the rectum. Colon cancer screenings should be done even without displaying any symptoms.

Early Detection of any polyps during the test accompined with removal of them when caught early enough can truely be lifesaving! Colon cancer screenings are covered at 100% by most insurances and in most cases a referral isn't required! Please speak with our office staff if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

Dr. Ibegbu and his wonderfully trained staff have preformed more than 1,700 screenings alone in 2018!!

What are you waiting for? Call today to speak to us about setting up your consultation today! We have 2 locations for your convience, One in Kinston, and one in Jacksonville. We accept most insurances and have quick turn around times for appointments! 

Hannah Osland

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