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Why You Shouldn't Use Medications for Long-term Weight Loss

When you’re dedicated to losing weight, you quickly find that you have many options to help you achieve your goals, yet it’s hard to determine what method is safe and what’s not. There are various weight loss supplements, but many herbal supplements aren’t even regulated. Prescription weight loss medications, exercise programs, and bariatric procedures may be the safer options.

If you are ready to lose weight, Dr. Eric Ibegbu and our team at Atlantic Medical Group encourage you to come visit us. We can explore your weight loss options, including many nonsurgical procedures and medication-free procedures.

In the meantime, review the following information to learn why medications aren’t ideal for long-term weight loss.

Weight loss medications can be helpful …

There are numerous diet products available, and that includes both prescription and nonprescription weight loss pills. Prescription weight loss pills can be an effective way to lose weight, according to data published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 

Researchers found that diet products and nonprescription weight loss pills were not as effective in losing weight. 

… But not for the long-haul

Weight loss medications can jump-start your weight loss journey, but should you use them? As with any medication, it’s possible to have side effects from the medication. Researchers from the University of Rhode Island found that some weight loss medications:

How do certain weight loss medications create these side effects? The study found that some weight loss medications inhibit specific enzymes in your body, leading to potential complications. Even mild side effects can occur with weight loss medications, including loose stools and fecal incontinence. 

Other options for long-term weight loss

If you’re overweight, losing weight greatly reduces your risk of developing certain conditions. For example, you can reduce your risk of developing diabetes by 80% by achieving a 10% weight loss. And the good news? Weight loss pills aren’t your only option. 

Bariatric surgery — an umbrella term for several different types of surgery — can help you lose weight safely and effectively. Research shows that individuals who undergo bariatric surgery are more likely to keep the weight off too.

Dr. Ibegbu also offers nonsurgical, non-medication options for losing weight. The Obalon® Balloon System can help you lose weight thanks to a removable, silicone balloon that limits how much you’re able to eat.  

Exploring your weight loss options

At Atlanta Medical Group, Dr. Ibegbu wants to help you achieve your goal weight in the healthiest and safest manner possible. Whether you want to explore nonsurgical weight loss options or even the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, we’re here to help you explore your options. 

We are located in Kinston and Jacksonville, North Carolina. To schedule an appointment, call the location of your choice. If you are traveling to see Dr. Ibegbu, please check out our list of handy resources.

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